Please feel free to contact any staff member by either e-mail or phone.  We take pride in our communication with our families. 

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Staff Members


  • Mrs. Dinielli

    Mrs. Dinielli



  • Mr. Blum

    Mr. Blum

    Assistant Principal


Support Staff

  • Mrs. Trujillo

    Mrs. Trujillo

    Principal's Secretary


  • Ms. Hoffman

    Ms. Hoffman

    Attendance Secretary


  • Mrs. Schiavo

    Mrs. Schiavo

    Records and Counseling


  • Mrs. Moloney

    Mrs. Moloney

    Secretary Clerk


  • Ms. Hodgkin

    Ms. Hodgkin

    LIbrary Media Tech

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  • Mrs. Gacad (Foodservice Questions)

    Mrs. Gacad (Foodservice Questions)


     x 23891

  • Deputy Newell

    Deputy Newell

    School Resource Officer

  • Mr Uzonyi

    Mr Uzonyi

    Chief Custodian


  • Ms. Baca

    Ms. Baca

    School Counselor

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  • Mrs. Hernandez

    Mrs. Hernandez

    Family Advocate

     (805) 235-6610

  • Ms. Poe

    Ms. Poe

    PEI Counselor

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

  • Harris


    Humanities / History

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  • Mr. Hoskins

    Mr. Hoskins


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  • Mr. Kirby

    Mr. Kirby

    Math 8 & 7

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  • Ms. Sainsbury

    Ms. Sainsbury


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  • Mr. Talley

    Mr. Talley

    Science and 6th Math / Science

  •  Mr. Wilcox

    Mr. Wilcox

    History / STEAM Technology

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  • Ms. Yuhasz-Fahy

    Ms. Yuhasz-Fahy

    Math 8 & 7

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Physical Education

  • Mr. Blair

    Mr. Blair

    Physical Education

  • Mr. Nagler

    Mr. Nagler

    Physical Education

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  • Mrs. Newby

    Mrs. Newby

    Physical Education


  • Mrs. Avila

    Mrs. Avila

    Spanish Teacher

  • Ms. Banfield

    Ms. Banfield


  • Mr. Belyea

    Mr. Belyea


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  • Mrs. Meinke

    Mrs. Meinke


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Special Education

  • Ms. Buckman

    Ms. Buckman


  • Mrs. Fahy

    Mrs. Fahy

    Department Chairman / Teacher

  • Ms. Martino

    Ms. Martino


  • Mrs. O'Donnell

    Mrs. O'Donnell


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  • Mrs. Waistell

    Mrs. Waistell


  • Mrs. Garcia

    Mrs. Garcia

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Gibson

    Ms. Gibson

    Resource Aide
  • Mrs. Hendry

    Mrs. Hendry

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Jay

    Ms. Jay

  • Mr. Keane

    Mr. Keane

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Lane

    Ms. Lane

  • Mr. Leahy

    Mr. Leahy

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Lueders

    Ms. Lueders

  • Ms. Reynozo

    Ms. Reynozo

  • Ms. Sabbah

    Ms. Sabbah

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Shelton

    Ms. Shelton

  • Ms. Sperber

    Ms. Sperber

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Taylor

    Ms. Taylor

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Thompson

    Ms. Thompson

    Resource Aide
  • Ms. Tietje

    Ms. Tietje

    Resource Aide