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Special Education

Intervention, Modified, Alternative

Intervention courses are resource classes in which the students receive the same curriculum as the general education course.

Modified courses are courses in which the general education curriculum is significantly modified for students with lower capabilities.

Alternative courses are courses which designate that the student is receiving an alternative curriculum. These classes are for students with significant impairments to learning, who cannot access the regular curriculum.

Grade Level: 6, 7, 8
Length: Two semesters
Description: Courses provide services in an integrated resource program, including general education and special education program options in accordance with the school site plan. Instructional content to address the student’s IEP goals is under the direction of the special education teacher. Instruction may be provided by general education staff, including, but not limited to: Migrant Education staff and/or special education staff. Instruction is delivered in an integrated program that may include regular and special education students. Courses in the following subject areas may be offered: English, reading, mathematics, science, history/social science, life skills, study skills, and career/vocational awareness.

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