SAP Program

LOMS Student Assistance Program (SAP) is available to students who might benefit from small, theme based support group counseling.


These groups are designed to support students in developing healthy self-esteem, good communication skills, and other valuable tools for school success. SAP groups are available to every student at Los Osos Middle School and participation is voluntary.

SAP groups meet once a week for approximately 8 weeks during the school day. Groups rotate through all 6 class periods, so the student does not miss the same class weekly. Group members number from five to ten students per group. SAP groups are led by trained counselors who are skilled in promoting a safe atmosphere, within which, students can learn healthy ways of managing important issues. In order to establish a safe atmosphere for all students, confidentiality is a fundamental group rule.

SAP groups are a valuable resource for our students and the home school connection is important to this process; therefore, parent permission is required to participate. Permission slips are available in the counseling office.

If you are interested in learning more about how to sign up for a SAP group, please don’t hesitate to contact the counseling department at (805) 534-2835.