The LOMS Mock Trial team had their most successful season yet. Going 3-1, the team defeated rival Laguna, and qualified for the semifinals. Unfortunately, they fell in a close match to Paulding Middle School.
Mock Trial is an academic competition where students work with local attorneys and Cal Poly students to prepare a criminal case. The club meets during lunch on Tuesdays from September through February, and afterschool twice weekly starting in November. LOMS Mock Trial will be gearing up for the 2020-21 season in the fall, and will always take new members. In addition, lightly used business clothes in a variety of kids and adult sizes are always welcome! For more information, please contact Mr Waldman at
Lilah Green, Eli Waldman, and Lily Moore as part of LOMSMock Trial defense

Bailiff Maeven Jackson swears in witness Siena Shipcott

LOMS Mock Trial prosecution team and attorney coaches with presiding judge Josh George

Zahira Segler testifying for the prosecution


LOMS Band is an elective and meets daily. All grade levels have the option to participate in the music program. The band performs two concerts, one in the Winter and one in the Spring. These concerts are performed at the Cal Poly PAC. Mr. Belyea invites student conductors to perform with the band. This year during the winter concert,  Each year in the Spring, the band attends the Music Festival at Cuesta College and get to participate in a Music Workshop at Disneyland. Contact Band Director Mr. Belyea at if you have any questions or concerns about the school band.

During the Winter concert, special needs student is guest conductor.

Congratulations Harris!
There is no more important job than that of a teacher. Teachers impact the lives of kids sometimes over the course of a year or years, sometimes in days, and sometimes in the smallest of moments. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to recognize the work of our teachers through celebrations such as Teacher of the Year. Here in SLCUSD and at Los Osos Middle School we are fortunate to have some of the best teachers you will find anywhere. They see the whole child and work to create strong relationships, awesome enrichment opportunities, meet the unique needs of early adolescents, and provide high rigor instruction and learning. It is no surprise that our teachers are recognized time and time again in larger arenas than our school and district.
We are proud to announce that our very own Ames Harris has been selected as the CA League of Middle Schools Region 12 Teacher of the Year! This is a tremendous honor and well deserved. This selection looks at the work of a teacher in providing academic excellence, social equity, developmental responsiveness, and using organizational structures and processes to support kids. Nominees for this award came from middle schools throughout San Luis Obispo county as well as Santa Barbara county. It is not a surprise that our LOMS nominee, Ames Harris, rose to the top and was selected as Teacher of the Year.
If you know Harris or your student had Harris as a teacher, it would mean the world to her if you took a minute to write her a congratulatory note or email.
Harris giving speech. Proud AdministratorsProud Parents

We have more to celebrate in the robotics program! The students did a fantastic job last weekend, with a very strong showing in a crowded field of competition (50 teams)!
Tournament Results:
  • 2nd Place - Kai Morgan, Katie Doot, Mateo Ruiz - 80555C
  • 3rd Place - Sophia Socarras, Layna Meyers, Cody Hart - 80555A
  • 4th Place - Michael Pascual, Reid Hammer, Thomas Standridge - 80555B


Robot Skills Champion Award - 1st place in driver skills & autonomous programming (the robot operates without a driver)

  • Michael Pascual, Reid Hammer, Thomas Standridge80555B 
Excellence Award - The Excellence Award is the highest award presented in the VEX Robotics Competition. This team is a strong contender in numerous award categories, and demonstrate excellent use of the engineering process through their robot design, engineering notebook, and judges interview. This award is presented to a team that exemplifies overall excellence in creating a high-quality VEX Robotics program.
  • Michael Pascual, Reid Hammer, Thomas Standridge - 80555B 
Build Award - The Build Award is given to a team that has built a well-crafted and constructed robot that also shows a clear dedication to safety and attention to detail. The robot demonstrates reliability on the field and holds up under competition conditions. Students display excellent teamwork, interview quality, and team professionalism.

  •  Erica Siegmund, Macy Mauch, Karen Lun - 80555D

We have not received invitations yet, but we believe the Excellence Award qualifies the boys team, 80555B, to go to the State Championship Tournament!
Way to go LOMS Robotics Team!

AVID College Field Trip 
On Friday, November 15th, the LOMS 7th-Grade AVID class took a field trip to Santa Barbara to visit some college campuses. AVID is an acronym that stands for "Advancement Via Individual Determination," and the program helps students to prepare for college. This field trip was perfect because it gave students the opportunity to see what college was like.
The first stop on the field trip was Westmont College. Students toured the library, dorms, and dining commons around campus. They even got to meet up with Grace Hotaling, who is a LOMS alumnus and current soccer player at Westmont.
After that, the students visited UCSB. They got to see locations such as the multicultural center, clock tower, and book store. They had to be careful while crossing the many bike paths, and learned that there are 20,000 bicycles on campus!
All in all, it was a great trip and a fun opportunity to experience a taste college life. 

Our LOMS robotics students had a great day at the VEX Robotics Atascadero State Qualifier tournament this past weekend. All four of our teams did a fantastic job!

LOMS Robotics TeamHighlights included:Team 80555D (Erica Siegmund, Macy Mauch, and Karen Lun) took home the Design Award. The Design Award is given to a team that demonstrates excellent use of the design cycle in the building of their robot, has a well-maintained Engineering Design Notebook, and justifies their design decisions in an interview with tournament judges. This award has qualified them for an invitation to a State Championship Tournament!LOMS Robotic TeamThese girls competed as an alliance with Team 80555C (Katie Doot, Kai Morgan, and Mateo Ruiz) in the tournament finals. In a nail-biting finish, they tied for 1st place with an alliance of teams from Paulding and Atascadero Middle School. The tiebreaker didn't go their way, but their high score of 86 points was never topped!LOMS Robotics TeamHere's the video of their 86 point Teamwork Challenge Final: to all teams who attended the tournament! Keep up the good work!

LOMS Robotics Team

LOMS Robotics TeamLOMS Robotics TeamLOMS Robotics Team