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Online registration for materials is coming in July! We'll send out an announcement as soon as it's live and ready to go.

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A.S.B. Sticker - $10

This sticker supports the activities sponsored by our student ASB and allows free admission to sporting events, discounts to dances, activities, and school purchases, including yearbooks.

Yearbook - $35 ($30 with A.S.B.)

Pre-purchase (AT REGISTRATION ONLY) a hardbound yearbook for $30 with an ASB sticker or $35 without the purchase of an ASB sticker.

P.E. Uniforms / LOMS Apparel - New This Year!

Shorts - $10
T-Shirt - $10
Sweatshirt - $15
Sweatpants - $15

LOMS apparel may also be used as PE Uniform. The shorts and shirts are dry fit 100% polyester. Black shorts and Gray shirt with the LOMS logo on it.

Optional ASB Donation

This donation will be used for extra-curricular student events and activities for the 2015-2016 school year.

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