A Message from Coach Mike

LOMS never had a wrestling team until we started one up a couple years ago and I'm really looking forward to another season! This team is for boys and girls, grades 6th-8th. Boys will only compete against other boys and girls will compete against other girls. I'm sure it's a new sport for some of you, so please feel free to ask as many questions as needed as the season goes on. We will practice at Morro Bay High School in the wrestling room there (located inside the large gym just across from the basketball courts). We will meet from 3:45-5:15 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week. I realize this is a little difficult for some of our Los Osos residents, but in the past, we've worked out some carpooling for some and I always have room for 3 in my car for rides home after practice. Our first practice will be on Tuesday, February 12th at 3:45. Everyone needs to have completed a physical and athletic clearance packet before they can participate in practice or competitions, but if one can't be done by then, I encourage your child to come to practice anyway so that they can watch it and get a feel for what we do. You can find the competition schedule on the school website - it's a short season that's designed to give everyone a good introduction to the sport and a handful of matches inside of a 6-7 week period.