Student Handbook


Los Osos Middle School

Student Handbook 2019 - 2020


Principal – Mrs. Jennifer Dinielli Assistant Principal – Mr. Karl Blum

Counselor – Ms. Baca PEI Counselor - Ms. Poe

School Secretary – Mrs. TrujilloOffice Secretary Clerk - Mrs. Ochoa

Attendance Secretary – Ms. Hoffman Registrar / Counseling – Mrs. Colletti

Family Advocate - Ms. Hernandez


Campus hours are 7:30 AM-4:00 PM. Students are required to be on campus by 8:00 AM when school begins Tuesday-Friday. Monday is a late start day and students are permitted to be on campus at 9:00 AM.

Students are not to be on campus after 3:15 unless they are in a teacher supervised activity.



Sixth Grade: Humanities, Math, Science, Physical Education, and STEAM electives.

Seventh and Eighth Grade: Humanities, Math, Science, Physical Education, and Electives.


LOMS offers a variety of elective choices so that you may explore your interests and abilities: Band, Choir, ASB Leadership, Spanish, and a variety of 21st century electives.


1.A rolling backpack or bookbag for notebooks 5. Three #2 pencils

2.Three-ring binder (metal rings) 6. Three pens (black or blue)

3.Pencil pouch that fits in the binder 7. Binder paper

4.Six dividers for three-ring binder


Grades are issued as “A, B, C, D, F” and I (incomplete). Classwork, Homework, and Assessments are all factors which determine grades. An incomplete is given only when a student has been ill or a death in the family has occurred, but never when you had the same opportunity as other class members to do the assigned work.

The school year consists of two semesters. Parents and Students can check student records on PowerSchool daily if they choose. Our expectation is that grades are updated within a week of the assignment turned in.

Only semester grades are recorded in each student’s permanent record.


PowerSchool is a secure program that allows parents to view their child’s grades and attendance, and much more. Parents and students view their current grades and assignments by using their computer I.D. and access code. These numbers are given to each parent at the beginning of the school year. Our expectation is that teachers will update PowerSchool weekly. You can access PowerSchool by going to .


If you are absent, call your homework buddies first to get the homework assignment you missed for the day. If you will be absent, three days or more, contact your teachers via email or voicemail and request homework.


Classroom assignments and homework will be on each teacher's Google Calendar, Web Page or assigned in class.


Make-up assignments and retakes on tests based on teacher class guidelines

Tutoring support during Homework Club, M - Th in the library.

Monitoring by advisory teacher.

Team conferencing with student and/or parent and counselor

Student Study Team

Incentives for academic achievement (Pride Award Program)


At the end of the year, a ceremony will be held to present awards to Eighth Grade students in the following areas:

Information from a student’s 6th grade year, 7th grade year as well as first semester in 8th grade will be used to determine awards:

1. President’s Award for Educational Excellence

President’s Award with Merit 4.0 GPA during the five semesters of their 6th, 7th and first semester of 8th grade


2. CJSF Honor Roll Awards - Students enrolled in CJSF for first five semesters will receive this award.

3. Outstanding Citizenship Certificate - A student who has earned 25 or more O’s in citizenship; during the first five

semesters of their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years, unless qualified for CJSF.

4. 8th Grade Teacher Class Awards - Awards will be given to outstanding students in areas such as English, Math, etc

5.Lion of the Year award: 2 students selected from the following criteria:

  • CJSF Honor Roll Recipient
  • Qualify for President's Award
  • Candidates will prepare a 2 minute speech on a selected topic to be presented to the selection committee.


California Junior Scholarship Federation is a statewide organization with over 600 schools in membership. The goal is to promote outstanding scholarship in school and community service. At LOMS, we are pairing this with our Traditional Pride awards.

Membership/Awards are not given automatically. Students must apply each semester.

CJSF Qualifier

6 qualifying classes* = 12 pts; 5 classes* = 10 pts, 4 classes* = 8 pts

A = 3 pts., B = 1 pt, C = 0 pts.

Must have A or B in PE.

Must have 5 “O’s” in citizenship at Semester, an “N” or “U” in citizenship is not allowed.

No “D” or “F” in any class.

You must apply each semester. This is the student’s responsibility

Lion Pride (Non-CJSF Qualifier)

6 qualifying classes* = 11 pts; 5 classes* = 9 pts; 4 classes* = 7 pts

A = 3 pts., B = 1 pt, C = 0 pts.

Must have A or B in PE.

Must have 4 “O’s” in citizenship at Semester, an “N” or “U” in citizenship is not allowed.

No “D” or “F” in any class.

You must apply each semester. This is the student’s responsibility

Phoenix Pride (Non-CJSF Qualifier)

.5 GPA Increase from previous semester

Must have 4 “O’s” in citizenship at Semester, an “N” or “U” in citizenship is not allowed.

No “D” or “F” in any class.

You must apply each semester

*Points are earned in all classes except PE .


In each class at LOMS, student will receive a citizenship grade each grading period. This is reflective of their citizenship in class only. Not their academic performance. The goal for all LOMS students is to earn an “O” in citizenship.

Citizenship grades are used as qualifiers for CJSF/PRIDE Awards.

Students citizenship will be determined based on the following rubric in each class:

S E T T I N GCorrect behavior. Apologize.Seek adult help.

Follow adult prompt.

Reflect, then take action to repair rupture with others.

Remain respectful.

Re-enter setting.

Correct behavior. Apologize.Seek adult help.

Follow adult prompt.

Reflect, then take action to repair rupture with others.

Remain respectful.

Lunch Area
  • Be seated properly at table.
  • Wait in lines patiently.
  • Practice good table manners.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Eat only while seated at a table.
  • Keep backpacks out of walkways.
  • Bathroom
    • Respect privacy.
    • Keep bathrooms clean.
  • Use facility quickly, quietly, and correctly.
  • Library
    • Use appropriate voice.
    • Use computers for school projects only.
    • Help others.
  • Check out / return materials on time.
  • Use library for learning / academic collaboration only.
  • Field
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
    • Play safe.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • Remain in-bounds.
  • Include others.
  • Bus
    • Be in line.
    • Wait your turn.
    • Use quiet voice.
  • Have your pass ready.
  • Remain seated.
  • Follow adult directions.
  • LOMS Behavior Expectations

    1. All students are expected to be in their assigned seat and prepared to work as noted on the Bell Schedule.

    2. Come to class prepared with proper materials, such as pens, pencils, and a binder with notebook paper.

    3. We expect students to keep their campus clean, eating is permitted in the MPR and Cafeteria Quad only. Be environmentally responsible by placing all garbage in recyclable or trash cans. Gum is not permitted on campus.

    4. Any electronic device, jewelry, large sums of money and disruptive items such as electronic games, pagers, toys, laser pointers, and novelties are not permitted and will be confiscated. In addition, the administration will not spend time looking for these items if they are lost or stolen.

    5. Students are not permitted to have cell phones, or electronic signalling devices on campus. Students causing disruption to learning through the use of Cell phones will incur consequences. Students are not to use or have phones visible from the time they arrive on campus until 2:55pm.

    The security of personal property is the sole responsibility of the student – the school is not responsible for personal property brought from home.

    6. Hazardous objects that are not permitted on campus include, but are not limited to, fireworks, matches, lighters, lasers, roller blades, wallet chains, studded apparel, or weapons of any kind, including small “Swiss Army” style pocket knives.

    7. At LOMS, we expect that students will maintain appropriate hallway behavior, walking, keeping your hands to yourself, and respecting the “Quiet Zones”

    8. Displays of affection is limited to holding hands; other displays of affection are not considered age-appropriate school behavior.

    9. We expect that all students be responsible citizens and report any dangerous, or illegal activity to any staff member. “Remember if you See Something, Say Something”

    10. We are a great school and when we have visitors on campus, we show extra respect and cooperation toward all guest teachers and visitors.

    11. Threats, harassment, intimidation, or joking about disruptive or harmful acts are unacceptable. Consequences will be enforced and the sheriff notified if appropriate.

    12. Students will use respectful talk when engaging with other students and staff on campus. Students will refrain from derogatory comments around race, religion, sexuality, identity and disability, and profanity.


    Bullying is not acceptable in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District. Students should seek immediate help from an adult if he/she feels that they are being bullied or harassed. Students are also expected to immediately report incidents of bullying/harassment to school personnel. Each complaint of bullying/ harassment will be investigated.



    All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will be assigned a PE locker for storage of PE items. PE Lockers are only accessible during the scheduled PE period. All students should lock up all valuables in their lockers when they are participating in PE.


    We have a bike and skateboard rack for students who ride to campus. No skateboards should be kept in classrooms. Students will need their own lock if they skate or bike to campus. Helmets must be worn by all skaters and riders. Students without helmets will have to walk home and their vehicle will remain on campus.

    All Bikes/Skateboards must be walked on campus.


    Students who wish to ride the school bus to and from school will be required to register and pay a fee for this service. It is important that all students are aware of the bus riding rules so they may keep their bus privileges. The district’s School Bus Rules are outlined in the Secondary Schools Discipline Code that all students receive as part of their registration packet at the beginning of school. You are responsible to read and follow all bus rules. If you receive a bus referral for a bus riding infraction, the following are the progressive consequences assigned for each referral:

  • First referral ………..Conference with assistant principal and parents notified.
  • Second referral……..Two-week suspension of bus riding privileges
  • Third referral ………..Four-week suspension of bus riding privileges
  • Fourth referral ………Bus riding privileges suspended for the rest of the school year
  • All bus referrals are for the academic year; they are not removed at semester’s end.


    Cafeteria expectations include NO: Throwing food, eating in line, destruction of food, exchange or sale of free- or reduced-price meals, leaving trash, pushing/shoving/giving or cutting in line. Theft-stealing from cafeteria or others will result in a consequence.


    Students have the responsibility to come to school dressed in a manner that will not disrupt the instructional program or endanger anyone’s health and safety. The school’s dress standards reflect our community’s expectations of “age-appropriate” dress and it considers the social and emotional developmental level of early adolescent students.


  • clothing, accessories, or personal dress that are unsafe to oneself, other students, or property;
  • distracting or interfering with instruction; ie: bandanas of any color;
  • offensive, revealing or promoting or implying alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang affiliation, or sexual meaning;
  • bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, tube tops, low plunging necklines, and very short dresses/shorts or sagging
  • shorts/pants.

  • NO HATS are allowed on campus during the school day.
  • Shoulders must be covered with at least a two inch (three finger width) strap; no revealing cleavage;
  • Shorts/skirts/dresses with hems no shorter than half the distance from the student's waist to their knee,
  • undergarments cannot be exposed, ex.boxer shorts or bra straps.


    LUNCH DETENTION - Assigned by an administrator without a day notice if warranted. Students report to the detention room prior to getting lunch from the cafeteria. They will be escorted to the cafeteria after checking in. They will be released in time for class. Parents will be notified.

    AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION (3:00-4:00) - assigned by an administrator with one day notice. Students are to report 5 minutes after the last class ends. Students will be assigned a Restorative Assignment when they are in detention. Failure to complete the assignment will result in additional detentions. No technology will be allowed in the detention room.

    RESTORATIVE SUSPENSION ALTERNATIVE Students who may meet the threshold of a suspension, for a single event or a culmination of several discipline consequences may be given a Restorative Suspension Alternative. This is an in-house suspension that starts at the end of Lunch and ends at 6:00pm on a Friday. If a student fails to attend the Restorative Suspension Alternative, then they may be given In or Out of School Suspensions.

    ACTIVITY RESTRICTION - Students who have been suspended for a violation of campus rules are also on activity restriction for the duration of that suspension. They may not participate in any extracurricular activities during this time. Students may also receive an activity restriction for continued poor choices.

    BEHAVIOR CONTRACTS: After various interventions for inappropriate behavior have failed, a conference with the student and his/her parents will be held. The student and parents must sign a behavior contract, which outlines appropriate behavior as well as consequences for non-compliance with the contract. Failure to fulfill the requirements of the behavior contract may result in referral to the District where alternative placement may be considered.

    LOS OSOS MIDDLE SCHOOL                                   

    Behavior Contract

    Date: __________________

    At Los Osos Middle School, all students are expected to demonstrate respect and responsibility while in class and on the campus. School wide behavior expectations for all students are to demonstrate Respect and Responsibility in all areas and settings. All students are expected to be polite, cooperative, and follow the school rules at all times. These standards create a safe learning environment for all students in which to learn.

    This contract outlines specific behavioral expectations and progressive discipline guidelines that are in place for your child. ___________________ is fully responsible for his/her behavior and school performance as it is the responsibility of the school to maintain a safe learning environment.


    1. ___________will follow all school and classroom rules.

    2. ___________will follow all teacher/staff directives without question.

    3. ___________ will not disrupt students or staff before, during or after-school.

    4. ___________will not threaten, intimidate, bully or harass others, verbally, in writing, electronically or physically, including name calling, verbal banter or use of profanity, vulgarity or use any

    words of sexual or racial nature.

    5.___________will not take other students property, money or items without student permission.

    6. ___________will participate in and be prepared daily for all classes.

    7. ___________will attend all scheduled detentions and/or Friday school.

    8. ___________will treat all students and staff with respect.

    9. ___________will be on time, and attend school every day.

    10.___________will not accept, carry or be in possession of any item prohibited from being at a school.


    1. If student expectations are violated, ___________ will be sent to the office for appropriate disciplinary action.

    2.We will attempt to use our Restorative Process for your son/daughter. If this process exhausts itself, then a

    more traditional progressive discipline process may occur. This may include after school detention, Friday School from 1-6pm, or suspension (in-school or out-of-school)

    2. If __________ accumulates a total of ten (10) days of suspension, he/she will be referred to the District’s

    Administrative Hearing Panel, or School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for alternative placement.


    In severe circumstances the student may be immediately suspended and/or referred to an Administrative Hearing Panel for possible expulsion.

    At no time may a student possess or attempt to sell a look-alike substance represented as alcohol or drugs, Use, possession of, under the influence of, or sale of, drugs or alcohol EC 48915 (2), 48900 (P), or EC 48900 (A) (5)

    I understand that possession of firearms, knives, explosives or other dangerous objects are not allowed on campus at any time for any reason. EC 48900 (B), 48915 (b)

    Violation of either of these Education Codes will result in suspension and possible expulsion.

    _________________________________ ____________________________________

    Student Signature Date Parent Signature Date