Student Recognition Awards

Student Recognition Awards by invitation only.

Student Recognition Awards

At the end of the year, a ceremony will be held to present awards to Eighth Grade students in the following areas:

Information from a student’s 6th grade year (2 semesters), 7th grade year (2 semesters) and first semester in 8th grade will be used to determine awards:

1. President’s Award for Educational Excellence

President’s Award with Merit 4.0 GPA during the five semesters of their 6th, 7th and first semester of 8th grade


2. CJSF Honor Roll Awards - Students enrolled in CJSF for first five semesters will receive this award.

3. Outstanding Citizenship Certificate - A student who has earned 25 or more O’s in citizenship; during each semester of their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years, unless qualified for CJSF. Total of 5 semesters.

4. 8th Grade Teacher Class Awards - Awards will be given to outstanding students in areas such as English, Math, etc

5.Lion of the Year award: 2 students selected from the following criteria:

  • CJSF Honor Roll Recipient - 5 Semesters
  • Qualify for President's Award
  • Candidates will prepare a 2 minute speech on a selected topic to be presented to the selection committee. 

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