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LOMS 4-Year Plans

Each year we transition our 8th grade students to high school.  One of the tools that we use are the 4-Year Plans.  During the Spring semester, our 8th grade students sit with our admin or counselor and discuss the high school offerings and what the student might be interested in after their time in high school.  Using the students Aeries portal, the students share out what classes that they might be interested in for the following year and beyond.  The 4-Year Plan is then created for each student.  What is great about these plans are that the student can make adjustments in their pathway based on changing interests and goals.  We really believe that LOMS Lions moving to high school have a very good understanding of their opportunities after middle school.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

One of LOMS CTE Pathways is Journalism and Yearbook design. 

Yearbook Photography